Magician Drakar Alimen

A shadowy dark-skinned man often seen wearing dusty black robes.


Drakar is a dark-skinned man that it often seen wearing a black robe and cowl that partially covers his face. He often wears black silk gloves to cover the scars on his wrists- hideous scars that were made from the shackles of his childhood spent as a slave.


From the legendary city of Golden Huzuz, in the faraway land of Zakhara, Drakar Alimen was an orphaned slave that was fortunate enough to be bought and freed by a minor noble that was loyal to the Grand Caliph. Eternally grateful for the gesture of goodwill, Drakar freely chose to serve the noble and it was not long before his promise as a potential mage came to light. Using his connections with the ruling elite, the noble was able to get Drakar an apprenticeship under one of the City’s wizards and Drakar did exceptional, embracing the magical arts and excelling in his studies.

Word of Drakar’s talents got around to some of the commanders of the Caliph’s Magical Legion and shortly after finishing his apprenticeship, Drakar joined the Caliph’s elite secret spy network called “the Black Ward.” Mainly tasked with monitoring threats in the City and the surrounding lands of Zakhara, the Black Ward also has a few members that are tasked with exploring and gathering information on the lands beyond Zakhara to learn of potential threats and allies that may affect the Caliph and his kingdom- this was to be the destiny of Drakar.

Gathering his few belongings, Darkar rode off into the desert on one of the major southern trade routes- his destination unclear.

Quest for the Heartstone

Magician Drakar Alimen

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