Footfalls on Elrond

Frost Giant Lair

Following a short battle with some Dire Wolves, the adventuring party begins to explore the caves located on the lower part of the mountain. Frappe conducts a solo exploration trip which results in becoming the victim of a hidden trapdoor but her expert acrobatic skills allow her to negotiate the fall without injury. Despite the cave continuing deeper into the mountain, Frappe decides that there is too much peril to continue alone and joins the rest of the group back outside.

With so many choices to choose from, the group, after much debate, decides to explore two of the caves. The first appears to be the deserted lair that belonged to the now deceased Dire Wolves and the second is a gigantic entrance whose interior leads to a pair of giant-sized reinforced doors. Persistent knocking, as well as the unfriendly act of Frappe stabbing one of Frost Giant doormen in the eye, leads the party into a desperate melee against three Frost Giants. Hinder by the absence of the dwarf fighter, Brakko, whose Sundered Dwarf phobia of the underground prevents him from entering the cave, only fighter available, Agnold, must hold the line while his comrades make a hasty retreat out of the cave. Agnold is quickly killed by the Giants who continue their pursuit of the rest of the party.

Outside, the party re-groups, and with the assistance of Brakko, face the giants to avenge their fallen comrade. Battered and bruised, the party finally manages to bring down the Giants, but it has costs them all of the spell magic and many are seriously injured and in need of healing. Using one of the spells in the ring loaned to them by the Queen’s High Priest, Agnold is brought back to life.

They limp their way down the mountain and set up camp where they rest for two days before they continue their exploration of the Frost Giants’ lair.


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