Drakar's Journal- The Frost Giants' Lair

Our party has been hampered by a major setback and delay on our quest though I cannot complain for we barely escaped with our lives and for that I am truly thankful. Truly these mountains are indeed a dangerous place.

We had finally decided to explore the various caves on the mountain side. The first cave was the insignificant lair of the Dire Wolves that we had dispatched earlier in the day. The second cave we should have suspected was trouble from the look of its vast entrance. The mouth of the cave stood twenty feet tall and we sent the thief Frappe, the cleric Mordecai and Agnold- one of the dwarf warriors inside to explore. Apparently the other dwarf, Brakko, was scared of going inside caves and became anxious and panicky at the thought of entering. This was curious behavior for I thought that dwarfs lived in caves and this would be more of a natural environment than the outside world.

After several long minutes of watching Brakko hyperventilate at the mouth of the cave entrance, all of the cave explorers, minus Agnold can running out screaming about Giants- apparently Agnold had stayed behind to cover the retreat and was now fighting the Giants alone. Realizing that Agnold would need immediate assistance, the Druid and I ran into the cave to the dwarf’s aid.

Inside, we found Agnold stoically standing against three pale blue-skinned massive humanoids (appropriately named Frost Giants I was later told) dressed in armor and furs wielding massive battle axes. Realizing that melee with these monsters was out of the question for me, and thinking that since they were creatures of the cold then perhaps fire would be quite discomforting to them, I decided to unleash a Fireball which engulfed all the Giants, as well as Agnold. The magical fire caused injury but was not enough to slay the Giants and two of them proceeded in short order to kill Agnold while the third turned his attention on me and cut me deeply with his ax- I was lucky to be alive and the Druid and I wasted no time in running out of the cave with the Giants fast on our heels.

Outside the cave, the party re-grouped in light of the Frost Giant threat and Brakko was able to pull himself back together for the fierce fight ahead. The battle was taxing and it took the combined might of our spell magic and weapon prowess to finally bring down the giants. Surely, if it was not for the healing magic of the Druid I would have been killed.

Drained and heavily wounded, we were able to bring Agnold back to life by using one of the spells stored in the ring that the Queen’s High Priest loaned to us and decided to make camp in the safety of the swamp so our party could heal and recuperate. I surely hope there are no more Frost Giants to deal with.

Drakar's Journal- The Frost Giants' Lair

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