Drakar's Journal- Into the Marsh

My Liege,

I have taken upon a quest for the Queen of the Kingdom of Ghyr which entails recovering a magical heirloom called the Heartstone. I am unsure of the powers of this stone, but based on the information provided by the Queen’s official it appears to be held more with sentimental value than anything else. In either case, I believe that by successfully recovering the stone for the Queen will provide a stepping stone for future beneficial relations between our kingdoms.

My companions for this quest are a rabble bunch- two dwarves whose loudness is matched by their fighting fury, a Halfling rogue who appears to be equally skilled with the use of a blade as well as sneaking in the shadows, a half-elf Druid who appears to have a decent knowledge of the magical of the natural world but needs some fine-tuning in its implementation and a cleric that is an oddity due to his knowledge of the arcane arts (I am not familiar with this type of priesthood and further inquires will need to be made).

The Heartstone lies somewhere in the Mountain Range to the northwest of the castle called the Mountains of Ice and to get to these mountains one must cross a vast marsh. Our journey through the marsh had us braving the miserable weather as well as fell creatures such as Ghouls (these abominations seem to infest everywhere), some strange lizard-like humanoids, which my research has led me to believe were Troglodytes, and an odd creature formed of water. This last creature was extremely tough and withstood a substantial amount of damage before it dissipated. It was destroyed but not before it seriously wounded several of our party, including our two dwarven warriors. Our weaken party has decided to rest and recuperate before continuing further. I will send you further word on my progress as time allows.

Your humble servant, Drakar

Drakar's Journal- Into the Marsh

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