Drakar's Journal- Fungus Fight

After spending the night for a well-needed rest, we continued our trek through the dismal marsh. It is only our second day traveling through the marsh and I have long grown tired of the wetness, cold and the stench of rotting vegetation that fills the air.

About mid-day the marsh trail disappears at a large fog-choked forest made up of various forms of fungi both large and small- some towering ten feet or more in height. The moss-covered ground was slick and wet and the trail was barely perceptible in the tangle of roots and vines. Due to the hazardous footing we had to dismount and lead our horses in by hand. After about an hour into the fungi forest, the sound of chirping insects and frogs is replaced by a cacophony of ear-piercing shrieks that appear to come from a number of large mushrooms surrounding our position. The two Dwarf warriors and the cleric leave their horses and charge into the fungi forest in search of the source of the noise while I decide to end the noise using the Fireball incantation as taught to me by Magister Alakamir. At the completion of the spell, the fungi forest to my right was engulfed in a ball of fire and the shrieking sounds of the mushrooms was replaced by the steady crackling and popping of burning plant matter.

To my left the shrieking could still be heard in the distance, but I had no time to address that side because it was then that I noticed that some of our horses were being attacked by a different type of mushroom- one that used vines to grab its prey and whose touch causes flesh to rot. Joining the thief and the druid, we attacked these fungi in a vain attempt to save our horses. The mushrooms withstood some damage before they finally fell apart, but they had cost us dearly as only two of our mounts remained alive.

The Dwarves and the cleric emerged from the forest shortly afterward, both dwarves looking seriously wounded- apparently they had encountered a couple of brawny creatures composed of plant material and barely survived the encounter. We do what healing we can and quickly make our way out of the forest and back to the marsh. The mountains are still in the distance, perhaps a half days travel away.

Drakar's Journal- Fungus Fight

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