Agnold Felaxe

Agnold Shield Bearer to Brakko


Agnold is your typical Dwarf. He is a bit more agile then the average dwarf though. He has a simple perspective on life and takes orders well. His simple mindedness and practical outlook on life allows him to get along with most people. His shield will always be adorned with an icon of a Narwhal. He thinks a Narhwal is a mythical creature that has great magical powers. He refuses to hear otherwise.


Agnold was lost in the mountains at a young age and was forced to search for a new clan. He did manage to find a nearby clan of kinsman that were distant cousins of his own clan, though they no longer lived in the mountains. Brakko, a mighty champion of this new clan, rescued Agnold from certain death. Agnold pledged to serve Brakko for the rest of his days and took on the title of shield bearer. Brakko begrudgingly accepted this life debt, but doesn’t mind having someone around to do things for him.

Agnold is also on a personal quest to find the mythical creature known as a Narwhal or Nar Whale. He remembers stories from his childhood told by a traveling wizard about the creature. Despite many failed attempts he is very persistent in his efforts to track this creature. He believes the Narwhal can bless him and lead him back to his original clan.

Agnold is loyal, and though he may not be the smartest Dwarf he does have an innate sense for danger. This is due to spending so much time out of his natural mountain habitat.

Agnold and Brakko have had many adventures together and have enjoyed traveling about the land.

Agnold Felaxe

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