Footfalls on Elrond

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Each of you has seen your share of luck and misfortune, death and rebirth, horrors and glory. Your former companions have been lost to the sword or suffered death due to the perils of magic and you now find yourself wandering the lands alone and near penniless.

Having recently arrived in the Kingdom Ghyr, you find yourself in the capital city of Ghyr itself. A heavily populated urban area whose horizon is dominated by the vast mountain range known as the “Mountains of Ice.” While city has an impressive collection of stone buildings, many of which appear to be ancient, the most noteworthy is the royal castle. This massive stone construct is intimidating as it is elegant. Many turrets and battlements provide for its defense and sometimes you can make out the small figures of soldiers patrolling its walls.

You must find a way to acquire additional funds and as you wander the crowded streets of the market district a bright piece of parchment nailed to the post of a nearby stall catches your eye:

“Greetings Adventures!!

Her royal highness, the Queen of Ghyr, is looking for hardy and seasoned adventures for a quest of the utmost importance. The danger is great, but you will be well rewarded from your services. Interested parties should apply to the nearest City Watch Office.”

The advertisement is signs with the Queen’s official seal and while you read the message again you realize that this might be the oppertunity that you have been waiing for.


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