Footfalls on Elrond

The Fungus Among Us

Following a much needed rest, the adventuring party continues their trek deep into the Misty Marsh. Soon arriving at an expansive forest of giant fungi. Due to the slippery moss-covered ground and twisting tangle of plants, the adventurers are forced to dismount their horses and proceed on foot. Not long into the fungus-filled forest the chirping and buzzing of insects is replaced by a cacophony of ear-piercing shrieks that appear to be coming from some of the large mushrooms. A fireball from Drakar silences some of the mushrooms (along with burning down a part of the mushroom forest) and the dwarf warriors charge off the trail in search of the rest of the shrieking.

Those charging into the forest are soon met by large humanoids made entirely of vegetation. These beings are incredibly strong and extremely resistant to damage. The dwarf warriors are brought close to death before the plant-beings are dispatched. Meanwhile, the rest of the party vainly try to save the horses, which are under attack by strange mushrooms armed with tentacles that rot flesh. While successful in destroying these fungi, only two of the party’s horses remain alive.

The rest of the day ends with night being spent in an abandoned cabin at the foot of the mountain. During the night, the party drives off a night attack by a group of ghouls. The next morning the party makes its way to the foot of the mountains and sees that the mountain side is pock-marked with several cave openings.


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