Footfalls on Elrond

A Walk in the Marsh

A newly formed adventuring party joins together to undertake a vital quest on the Queen of Ghyr’s behalf. A halfling rogue named Frappe, a cleric Azuth named Mordecai, a half-elf druid named Tom, a mage named Drakar and two burly dwarf warriors named Agnold and Drakko have united to find and recover the Ghyr’s magical heirloom, “the Heartstone.”

The Heartstone was stolen several years ago by a Master Thief known as Dahnakriss and it is rummored that he fled with his prize into the mountain range which lies northwest of the kingdom called the Mountains of Ice. To get to these mountains, the adventures must first travel through the Misty Marsh, a rainy and foggy place that is home to various creatures that can make a living in the marshes’ miserable conditions.

The party’s first day in the marsh is dismal as the adventures slog through the wet envirnoment and battle the likes of creatures that have no tolerance for inturders on their domains. Ghouls and Troglodytes are the first of the foes that the adventurers encounter. These creatures are easily dispatched with minimal injuries. Upon crossing the third bridge in this wet wasteland, the adventurers are attacked by a large Water Elemental in a nearby pond. Though they are able to defeat the massive monster, the adventurers, particularly the two dwarven warriors, are heavily wounded in the attack. With their healing magic used up for the day, the group decides to make camp and recuperate. Will the group find their night in the marsh relaxing or is there danger waiting in the foggy wet mist?


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