Footfalls on Elrond

Frost Giant Lair

Following a short battle with some Dire Wolves, the adventuring party begins to explore the caves located on the lower part of the mountain. Frappe conducts a solo exploration trip which results in becoming the victim of a hidden trapdoor but her expert acrobatic skills allow her to negotiate the fall without injury. Despite the cave continuing deeper into the mountain, Frappe decides that there is too much peril to continue alone and joins the rest of the group back outside.

With so many choices to choose from, the group, after much debate, decides to explore two of the caves. The first appears to be the deserted lair that belonged to the now deceased Dire Wolves and the second is a gigantic entrance whose interior leads to a pair of giant-sized reinforced doors. Persistent knocking, as well as the unfriendly act of Frappe stabbing one of Frost Giant doormen in the eye, leads the party into a desperate melee against three Frost Giants. Hinder by the absence of the dwarf fighter, Brakko, whose Sundered Dwarf phobia of the underground prevents him from entering the cave, only fighter available, Agnold, must hold the line while his comrades make a hasty retreat out of the cave. Agnold is quickly killed by the Giants who continue their pursuit of the rest of the party.

Outside, the party re-groups, and with the assistance of Brakko, face the giants to avenge their fallen comrade. Battered and bruised, the party finally manages to bring down the Giants, but it has costs them all of the spell magic and many are seriously injured and in need of healing. Using one of the spells in the ring loaned to them by the Queen’s High Priest, Agnold is brought back to life.

They limp their way down the mountain and set up camp where they rest for two days before they continue their exploration of the Frost Giants’ lair.

The Fungus Among Us

Following a much needed rest, the adventuring party continues their trek deep into the Misty Marsh. Soon arriving at an expansive forest of giant fungi. Due to the slippery moss-covered ground and twisting tangle of plants, the adventurers are forced to dismount their horses and proceed on foot. Not long into the fungus-filled forest the chirping and buzzing of insects is replaced by a cacophony of ear-piercing shrieks that appear to be coming from some of the large mushrooms. A fireball from Drakar silences some of the mushrooms (along with burning down a part of the mushroom forest) and the dwarf warriors charge off the trail in search of the rest of the shrieking.

Those charging into the forest are soon met by large humanoids made entirely of vegetation. These beings are incredibly strong and extremely resistant to damage. The dwarf warriors are brought close to death before the plant-beings are dispatched. Meanwhile, the rest of the party vainly try to save the horses, which are under attack by strange mushrooms armed with tentacles that rot flesh. While successful in destroying these fungi, only two of the party’s horses remain alive.

The rest of the day ends with night being spent in an abandoned cabin at the foot of the mountain. During the night, the party drives off a night attack by a group of ghouls. The next morning the party makes its way to the foot of the mountains and sees that the mountain side is pock-marked with several cave openings.

A Walk in the Marsh

A newly formed adventuring party joins together to undertake a vital quest on the Queen of Ghyr’s behalf. A halfling rogue named Frappe, a cleric Azuth named Mordecai, a half-elf druid named Tom, a mage named Drakar and two burly dwarf warriors named Agnold and Drakko have united to find and recover the Ghyr’s magical heirloom, “the Heartstone.”

The Heartstone was stolen several years ago by a Master Thief known as Dahnakriss and it is rummored that he fled with his prize into the mountain range which lies northwest of the kingdom called the Mountains of Ice. To get to these mountains, the adventures must first travel through the Misty Marsh, a rainy and foggy place that is home to various creatures that can make a living in the marshes’ miserable conditions.

The party’s first day in the marsh is dismal as the adventures slog through the wet envirnoment and battle the likes of creatures that have no tolerance for inturders on their domains. Ghouls and Troglodytes are the first of the foes that the adventurers encounter. These creatures are easily dispatched with minimal injuries. Upon crossing the third bridge in this wet wasteland, the adventurers are attacked by a large Water Elemental in a nearby pond. Though they are able to defeat the massive monster, the adventurers, particularly the two dwarven warriors, are heavily wounded in the attack. With their healing magic used up for the day, the group decides to make camp and recuperate. Will the group find their night in the marsh relaxing or is there danger waiting in the foggy wet mist?

...New Traveling Companions
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Each of you has seen your share of luck and misfortune, death and rebirth, horrors and glory. Your former companions have been lost to the sword or suffered death due to the perils of magic and you now find yourself wandering the lands alone and near penniless.

Having recently arrived in the Kingdom Ghyr, you find yourself in the capital city of Ghyr itself. A heavily populated urban area whose horizon is dominated by the vast mountain range known as the “Mountains of Ice.” While city has an impressive collection of stone buildings, many of which appear to be ancient, the most noteworthy is the royal castle. This massive stone construct is intimidating as it is elegant. Many turrets and battlements provide for its defense and sometimes you can make out the small figures of soldiers patrolling its walls.

You must find a way to acquire additional funds and as you wander the crowded streets of the market district a bright piece of parchment nailed to the post of a nearby stall catches your eye:

“Greetings Adventures!!

Her royal highness, the Queen of Ghyr, is looking for hardy and seasoned adventures for a quest of the utmost importance. The danger is great, but you will be well rewarded from your services. Interested parties should apply to the nearest City Watch Office.”

The advertisement is signs with the Queen’s official seal and while you read the message again you realize that this might be the oppertunity that you have been waiing for.


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